Pivot Table, Dashboards

Create a Pivot table to analyze the worksheet data

A Pivot Table is a powerful tool to calculate, summarize, and analyze data that lets you see comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data.

  • Select the cells you want to create a PivotTable

  • Select Insert > PivotTable.

  • Under Choose the data that you want to analyze, select Select a table or range.

  • In Table/Range, verify the cell range.

  • Under Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be placed, select New worksheet to place the PivotTable in a new worksheet or Existing worksheet and then select the location you want the PivotTable to appear.

  • Select OK.

Building out your PivotTable

  • To add a field to your PivotTable, select the field name checkbox in the PivotTables Fields pane.

  • To move a field from one area to another, drag the field to the target area.


Dashboards give you unprecedented visibility into your work. You can get a quick, visual status update on your projects or drill down into important details, all in one place. Dashboards can boost your organization’s speed by allowing you and your team to see more, manage more, and communicate more.

Refer the attached example sheet for Dashboard